Everit Expression-Jexl 1.0.0 release available

I am happy to announce the jexl based implementation of Everit expression-api.

We have used the mvel based implementation till now. Although it is 3x faster than jexl, we decided to go with the last one due to the following reasons:

  • To code of jexl is clean. In the future, we will be able to add the same optimizations as MVEL has. We could not really do bugfixing on MVEL as its code is messy.
  • As jexl does not have optimizers at the moment, it works well within OSGi. We had serious issues with MVEL and due to the messy code, it was truly hard to fix them.
  • Jexl uses the same syntax for inline maps and arrays as Javascript does. If we use jexl in templating-html, we will be able to use the template with a templating engine written in javascript later.
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New configuration project releases

We are pleased to announce the release of

As always, the artifacts are available on maven-central.

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eosgi-maven-plugin 3.3.0

We are happy to announce the version 3.3.0 of eosgi-maven-plugin! This release contains the following features:

  • Mac OS X support
  • Analyse goal
  • Updating coding conventions and cleaning code
  • Updating default Felix pack to 5.2.0
  • Updating default Equinox pack to 3.10.100 (Mars)

We are working hard on the next major version, too. Together with version 4.0.0, a new Eclipse plugin will be introduced that will hopefully speed up development with OSGi a lot.

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web-partialresponse 1.0.0

I am happy to announce that web-partialresponse 1.0.0 is released and is available on maven-central.

The goal of the library is to have a similar functionality as JSF has with AJAX requests. There is a servlet based class that can generate partial-response XMLs. The generated XMLs can be processed by the provided javascript snippet on the client side.

The library is based on JQuery. It supports the same DOM manipulation functions as JQuery does: append, prepend, replace.

We created this library as we believe that with the right templating engine it is possible to write super-fast and clean code to render websites and process AJAX requests. We believe that a portal should be written with server-side templating.

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Everit Blobstore release 1.0

We are happy to announce the first public release of Blobstore components. Blobstore allows the programmer to read and write binary large objects within atomic transactions.

Everit Blobstore has in-memory and JDBC-based implementations. While the in-memory implementation can be used to write unit tests, the other one supports several relational database types: Apache Derby, Hsqldb, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQLServer, Oracle

As always, the artifacts are available on maven-central.

For more information, see the site of Blobstore: http://www.everit.org/blobstore.html

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Configuration and convention modules are upgraded

New versions of the configuration projects are available:

The new version of coding-conventions and maven-main exclude the com.sun:tools dependency of Checkstyle. By doing that the m2e code quality extensions can auto-configure eclipse on any system.

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Everit Component Model – Component RI 1.1.0 with OSGi 6 Prototype Service support

The version 1.1.0 of ECM Component RI has just been released and available on Maven Central.

This version supports Prototype Service scopes that were introduced in OSGi 6.0.0.

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