Everit Email Modules are available on maven-central


I am happy to announce that three new modules are available to use that simplify the job of sending emails:

  • email-api: Interfaces and classes to handle emails
  • email-javamail: Java Mail (JSR 919) based implementation of email-api
  • email-javamail-ecm: ECM components to use email sending functionality easily within OSGi environments

Programmers can use the API to:

  • Easily create emails with TEXT or HTML content or both
  • Add inline images to the HTML content
  • Add attachments
  • Send emails
  • Send multiple emails with on one channel (faster processing)

Why did we need another API?

We investigated the available APIs in Java and found the following:

  • It is very difficult to use javax.mail
  • Constructing emails and sending email functionality are not clearly separated in commons-email. By not having the separation, it is not possible to build solutions where the same interface can be used to send or persist emails in a queue
  • Spring needs lots of dependencies that do not work well within a modularized environment


Balazs Zsoldos is the co-founder of Everit. He is the leader of the development of Everit OpenSource Components. Developing Java based solutions is not only his job but also his passion. He believes in simplicity. That is why he decided to design and build as many simple, but useful goal-oriented modules as he can. As the base of the stack, he chose OSGi. Balazs does not believe in monoholitic frameworks, therefore all of the solutions that was designed by him can be used separately. In the beginning of his career, Balazs was a big fan of JEE and Spring. After a while, he changed his mind and started to try replacing everything with non-magical solutions that do not contain interceptors, weaving, etc.

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One comment on “Everit Email Modules are available on maven-central
  1. Please note that since this blog post there are several new modules that you can use:

    – email-javamail-dkim: DKIM signature support for the javamail implementation of email-api
    – email-store: Stores emails in database
    – email-queue: Queue implementation based on the store.

    ECM components for all of the modules above in separate projects. You can find them on maven central by searching for “everit email”.

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