OSGi Jetty Boot 1.0.0 release

I am happy to announce the 1.0.0 version of Everit OSGi Jetty Boot. The bundle starts an embedded Jetty server with HttpService (Felix implementation) support.

The configuration options are available in the README file of the project.

The goal of the project is to

  • have as less dependencies as it is possible
  • not bundle any 3rd party jars but use them as a dependency

By having the rules above, it is much easier to keep up with new Jetty versions.

The project does not and will not support WABs, JSF and other technologies that bring more pain in OSGi than benefit.

Although business applications can be implemented based on HttpService feature, it is recommended to use the configurable Jetty components instead (release comes soon). With that, you will be able to configure as many servers with as many connectors as you want via ConfigAdmin. Also, it is not recommended to make Webconsole and other administration pages accessible on the same port as the business applications.

The boot bundle and its dependencies are available on Maven central.

Balazs Zsoldos is the co-founder of Everit. He is the leader of the development of Everit OpenSource Components. Developing Java based solutions is not only his job but also his passion. He believes in simplicity. That is why he decided to design and build as many simple, but useful goal-oriented modules as he can. As the base of the stack, he chose OSGi. Balazs does not believe in monoholitic frameworks, therefore all of the solutions that was designed by him can be used separately. In the beginning of his career, Balazs was a big fan of JEE and Spring. After a while, he changed his mind and started to try replacing everything with non-magical solutions that do not contain interceptors, weaving, etc.

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