New versions of Everit Conventions and Parent POMs

I am happy to announce the new versions of our Coding Conventions project.

The major changes are the following according to the Checkstyle rules:

  • License changed from LGPL 3.0 to Apache 2.0
  • Java 8 support
  • Maximum line length 100
  • Indentation offset 2 spaces
  • Custom rule for ignoring code marked with @Generated annotation (the jar file of the conventions artifact must be copied to the “dropins” folder of Eclipse)

The parent pom-s are also updated. The major changes are the following:

  • The maven build will fail if certain Checkstyle, Findbugs or PMD rules are violated (part of the “quality” profile)
  • Baselining introduced with baselining-maven-plugin to help us in Semantic Versioning

Note: To disable the Checkstyle, Findbugs and PMD checks, execute your Maven command with “-P!quality”.

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