Everit Authentication



Design and create a lightweight and modularized set of components that offer dedicated solutions of the tasks around authentication. This design provides an opportunity to build an application from simple blocks and keep the number of unused classes very low.


  • Modularized structure
  • Dedicated solutions for dedicated functions
  • Easy-To-Use API


  • Session management
  • Remember Me
  • User authentication (username and password)
  • Web integration
  • Execute authenticated processes
  • Query the authenticated user of the current thread


The final goal is to execute an authenticated process and query the owner of the authenticated process while it runs. To identify a user the Resource component will be used, for more information about resources read the “Resource” chapter of the Modularized Persistence post.

Concept Concept (draft)

Entry Point

The Entry Point is the place where the user appears as the business actor in the application. In case of a web applications the Entry Point is…

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Everit Kft. was founded in 2008 to build a knowledge center of Java, Liferay and Alfresco development. During the years, the scope has been changed. The primary focus of Everit is to support OSGi development on the highest level and provide not only excellent support but also OpenSource components to help others.

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