Modularized persistence



There are many libraries out there that contain reusable code, but only a few of them persist data in relational database. Even if they do so, they behave normally as standalone project. It is hard to use their tables in custom queries of the project that embeds them.

Our goal is to create a technology stack that allows to embed logically related table sets into separate modules. There are many use-cases in which reusable persistent data structure can be defined. With a well defined API, complicated queries can be eased.

A reusable module with relational database tables must meet the following requirements:

  • The module must provide an API that makes it possible to easily create or modify the records of the tables
  • It must be possible to reference the tables with foreign keys from other modules
  • The module should provide API to easily extend SQL queries

During a project many parts can be separated that can…

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Everit Kft. was founded in 2008 to build a knowledge center of Java, Liferay and Alfresco development. During the years, the scope has been changed. The primary focus of Everit is to support OSGi development on the highest level and provide not only excellent support but also OpenSource components to help others.

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