Everit Liquibase modules on maven-central


Recently, I decided to leave JPA and try something new concerning persistence. I evaluated many technologies and found Liquibase and QueryDSL to be the best for our needs. Both of them have their unique advantages.

Liquibase is perfect for maintaining database schemas. It is also possible to follow version changes when a deployment is performed and also to generate upgrade SQL scripts.

QueryDSL could work as a replacement of JPA Criteria API for us. JPA helped us to start a completely new way of programming. We could place our entities into separate modules and write utility functions that generate only a snippet from the complete SQL statement. However, we reached the limitations of JPA Criteria API soon. After I started to use QueryDSL, I felt that I superseded those limitations.

To use these technologies, we needed new tools and modules. We decided to use OSGi as the base of our…

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Everit Kft. was founded in 2008 to build a knowledge center of Java, Liferay and Alfresco development. During the years, the scope has been changed. The primary focus of Everit is to support OSGi development on the highest level and provide not only excellent support but also OpenSource components to help others.

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