Jira Timetracker Plugin v1.2.0


I am happy to announce the new release of Jira Timetracker Plugin.

Jira Timetracker plugin v1.2.0 is available from Atlassina marketpalce by clicking the following link.
The plugin source code is available here.

Timetracker v1.2.0 changelog


  • The tabindex value of the duration time input field has been fixed.
  • The information typed in the input fields will no longer get lost when refreshing the browser.
  • In the worklog notes, the rn characters are handled appropriately.
  • JIRA 6.x compatibility fixed.


  • Worklog table issue column shows the issue description when hovering the mouse pointer over the Issue Key.
  • Calendar highlights function. (Other months, weekend and days with worklogs.)
  • In the specified interval, Missing Days Report checks day by day the number of working hours logged on working days. (Configurable.)

New features

  • Rounding function on “End Time” and “Start Time Now” buttons.

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